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Christmas Blend

Ingredients: black tea with an orange spicy and vanilla taste....

Price $9.95

Ginger Green

Full Monty ginger awakens your taste buds with hot spice and...

Price $9.95

Milk Oolong

A unique oolong with excellent brightness and flavor most...

Price $25.00

Santosa Indonesia

This is a Java tea. Liquor is pale with maltiness and a hint...

Price $9.50

Queen Mary

A balanced blend of black teas harvested from the high regions...

Price $9.75

Cream Earl Grey

An OP grade of tea harvested from the high regions of Ceylon...

Price $9.75


Roasted Japanese Green Tea

Price $10.50

Halmari Assam

A strong full bodied assam - CTC – great with milk.

Price $11.50

Dorian Grey

Traditional Earl Grey with a sweet twist comprised of Apples...

Price $9.75