We are sorry to announce we have no choice but to increase our shipping rates charged to customers. Effective October 17 2022, we will be introducing new prices for shipping. Over the last two and half years we offered special shipping rates mostly free, in response to pressures from the pandemic. During this time Canada Post increased our rate dramatically. For example, our rate per package to the Vancouver area increased from $5-$6 to $10-$11 dollars per shipment. With a $20 minimum order to qualify for free shipping to the Vancouver area, half of that orders’ revenue was directed to Canada Post alone. Shipping to the remainder of BC and other provinces increased accordingly. Couple that with every other supplier dramatically increasing rates, we are under pressure to adjust all of our prices. Although many orders we probably shipped at a loss, we are proud that we were able to maintain service to many affected by Covid and the isolation associated. We invite your feedback and suggestions regarding the costs of shipping or any other topic.

Tea shipments finally arrive.

Teas that have been out of stock are now starting to arrive, please check the status of your favorite teas that have been out of stock.

Temporary Store Hours

9 AM - 6 PM  (7 days a week)