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English Breakfast

A standard blend of FP flowery pekoe teas harvested from the...

Price $8.95

Black Currant

Deep black currant aroma and flavor. Just imagine a currant...

Price $9.25

Bella Coola

A refreshing blend of natural fruits and herbs including...

Price $8.95

Irish Breakfast

A strong and sturdy blend of two exceptional CTC cut torn and...

Price $8.95

Blueberry Black

An OP grade of tea harvested from the high regions of Ceylon...

Price $8.95

Berry Mix

A sweet blend of natural fruits and herbs including hibiscus...

Price $8.95

Small Tea Ball

2" Stainless steel tea ball, long lasting and taste neutral....

Price $3.60


A popular green tea from the Zhejiang province of China.

Price $20.00

Iron Buddha

A medium fermented Oolong in the Ti Kuan Yin style of flavour.

Price $24.50