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Rose Congou

A FOP grade of leaf from the Fujian province of China -...

Price $8.95

Organic Detox

Ingredients: rosehip seeds*, green mate* (13 %), ginger*,...

Price $10.50

Russian Caravan

A blend of OP black teas from India and Sri Lanka together...

Price $10.50

Organic Honeybush

Honeybush Organic Certified Organic by Pro Cert Organic Systems

Price $12.80

Quince Green

Green tea with the flavour of Quince. Ingredients, China Green...

Price $8.95

Russian Earl Grey

This variation of Earl Grey has added dried Lemon grass dried...

Price $9.25

Jasmine Paradise

A premium Jasmine Green tea, with a fragrant Jasmine flavour.

Price $33.50