COVID-19 15 March Update

We wish to take this opportunity to update our customers on Granville Island Tea Company’s response to COVID 19. Granville Island Tea Co is taking the Novel Corona Virus seriously. We have implemented an increase in our schedule of cleaning and sanitation procedures. We have reduced the number of contact points between Customer and Staff. These processes are in addition to the increased measures implemented in the Granville Island Public by CMHC Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation. Specifically, we have stopped all tea tasting and chai tasting to reduce the chance of cross contamination. We have removed all self-serve functions, such as grab and go lids, milk and honey, sugar dispensers which are now all done by staff. We have increased the schedule of cleaning high traffic areas and implemented a stronger ethic of hand cleaning. When staff handle cash or credit cards, they are instructed to clean their hands. Staff working at the cash registers have been instructed to not handle product until they have washed or sterilized their hands. Instruction to not touch face and hair is being increased. Staff have been instructed to stay home if feeling unwell, and the option to self-isolate if required. Although each of these functions by themselves might not seem significant, all actions in their totality can contribute to reducing the chance of spread of Covid 19. We will try and do our best to contribute to the fight of this outbreak. If any other information is needed please do not hesitate to contact us.