A request from our customers that is becoming more common is “please reduce plastic in my packages” or “use as little plastic as possible”. So, we have recently implemented a new process of preparing our mail order shipments to help in the reduction of plastics use. In the past we have gathered all products being shipped and vacuum sealed all the packages in a single plastic pouch. This process simplified the vacuum sealing of packages, having only a single bag to seal.

However, in your next order, you will see all your tea packages sealed individually and no extra plastic pouch holding them all together. 

While this does add extra steps in our process, it will allow us to dramatically lower the amount of plastic used in shipping. The individual tea packages are certainly robust enough to protect your tea during the shipping process.

As usual we invite customer feedback in the new process and hope you will appreciate what we are trying to achieve. We thank you for your comments and hopes this demonstrates our commitment to improving your tea experience.


Mark and Deb

Granville Island Tea Co Ltd.