Bio: Hello everyone, my name is Stewart Best, you can call me Stu. I retired from my full time job with the BCLDB 5 years ago and got bored very quickly, now I'm a part time employee here at Granville Island Teas and I love it. I'm an avid motorcycle rider and some of my interests include fishing, live concerts (I sure hope they start up again soon), long walks while listening to an audible book and on/off-line board games. I guess you could call me a traditional tea drinker as I am partial to black teas, namely the Assams such as Org.Assam PF, Borengajuli, Halmari & Jalinga that I will drink morning, noon and night, probably a half dozen cups a day. I will also have a cuppa Lapsang Souchung (and it's blends) a couple times a month, it reminds me of my camping days. I do enjoy the odd green tea as well, my favourites being Jasmine with Flowers & Jasmine Paradise. When not in the mood for caffeine I will enjoy African Sunset (a rooibos).

My favourites from 1st to last...

-Org. Assam PF
-Jasmine with Flowers (sometimes with a pinch of a black tea which gives it a bit of added depth of body & flavor)
-Peach Apricot Black
-Lapsang Souchung
-Kambaa (Kenyan)