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Granville Island Tea was founded in 1999 by Deborah and Mark Mercier. Deb was the driving force behind the creation of the store being a long time tea drinker and only tea, never to this day ever having a cup of coffee.

Over time the selection of tea we have now is directly the result of customer preference and suggestion. We not only listen to what customers say but we also learn by what they buy. It would be very easy to get caught up in having a small selection of unusual teas but a teashop owner would do this at their peril. Instead we have a large selection of rare and popular teas, satisfying the needs of many. One thing is common among all of our teas, if a tea does not sell regularly we drop it, period. Nobody wants to buy tea that has been sitting on a shelf for months on end.

Not only do we have a large selection of tea but it is a selection that turns over frequently, meaning fresher tea for our customer.

Being located in the world famous Granville Island Market we have access to many customers and as a result we sell a great deal of tea. And this allows us to volume buy. The upside for our customer is we turn over a good part of our savings offering fresh, quality tea at extremely competitive prices. Better tea at better prices keeps the cycle going and brings in more customers and we bring in more tea, etc. etc.