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This site is designed for those not fortunate enough to visit the store in beautiful Vancouver and also for those lucky? enough to have experienced the small shop many make a regular part of their day. GRANVILLE ISLAND Located in the heart of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Granville Island is a shopping Mecca for those seeking the finest and freshest of foods from around the World as well as a haven for artisans and performers. It has already been over thirty five years since the opening of Granville Island and still people continue to flock in record numbers to be part of the excitement and diversity of this year round cultural center.

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GRANVILLE ISLAND TEA CO. Granville Island Tea Co. can be found inside the PUBLIC MARKET on Granville Island. A small store with a large appetite for satisfying customers Granville Island Tea Co. is rarely found without lineups of customers pouring over the menus of up to 200 teas and enjoying the company of the regulars which really sets this shop apart. Owners Deborah and Mark can sometimes be found filling cups of tea, packing tea and quite often just enjoying a cup of tea with customers. Fortunately there are staff (more like family) available to pick up that slack that Mark often throws into the mix. The tea is varied and plentiful from around the world, from such countries as India, China, South Africa just to name a few. The hardest part about visiting the tea shop is just deciding which tea you would like to taste.